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Philippines Tattoo Destination For Foreigners

Tattoo Destination Studio For Foreigners

We provide tattoo work that is super detailed, large or small, and we have fine art designs.  High-quality ink, a beautiful studio, and senior-level designs. Suppose you are a foreigner from countries such as the USA, Australia, or Europe. In that case, you can save thousands of dollars by coming to the Philippines to get your tattoo instead of the exorbitant pricing in your home country.

Tattoo Pricing For Foreigners in the Philippines

We can assist with a nice hotel stay, the flight, picking you up from the airport, and showing you around our beautiful city of Makati. It is safe, secure, and well worth the trip.

  • Pick you up from the airport
  • Rent a luxurious hotel
  • Show you around the city
  • Provide world class tattoo artist service

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